Flatbed Towing

Are you looking for safe, secure and affordable towing? Flatbed towing from Towing Chula Vista

offers the safest method to transport cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles. With our service, vehicles are safe from on-road obstacles like stones, potholes and other motorists, minimizing the chance of damage.

Our flatbed towing service also places less strain on your vehicle. Unlike hook & chain towing or using a dolly, your vehicle’s axle, wheels and framework won’t be subject to unnecessary strain, which often leads to long term damage and issue. If you’re looking to book a flatbed tow, Towing Chula Vista is here to help.

The benefits of choosing Towing C V

Our flatbed towing service is available to motorists throughout the city of Chula Vista and much of San Diego County. We provide a 24-hour tow truck service, meaning you’re covered at any time of the day or night. Need an emergency tow? No problem. Our average ETA for callouts is 30 minutes.

Choose our services and you’ll find our prices to be highly competitive. We keep costs down so that our customers receive the very best deal, free of hidden costs and charges. In fact, even if you’re planning on transporting a vehicle across country, you’re likely to pretty surprised by our prices.

Low prices and emergency coverage mean nothing without a reliable service to back them up. At Towing Chula Vista we’re proud to give an offer that’s fully reliable. We keep our promises and our word, each and every time.

A comprehensive towing service you can trust

Our reliable and trustworthy service extends beyond flatbed towing. Whatever your towing needs, the chances are we can be of assistance.

Our other towing services include:

  • Dolly towing
  • Hook & chain towing
  • Local towing
  • Long distance towing
  • Accident recovery
  • Roadside assistance
  • Motorcycle / light duty towing
  • Heavy duty towing

We provide all of this and more. When you need towing assistance, make sure you come to Towing C V in Chula Vista!