Robberies Statistics in Chula Vista

Chula Vista is a beautiful city in California. With numerous restaurants, movie theaters and golf courses, it surely is a perfect spot for vacations. But unfortunately, this beautiful city’s crime rate is sky rocketing. Chula Vista has a crime index of 39- meaning that it is safer than only 39% of the cities in USA. Not only are its robbery rates very high but the burglary and auto vehicle theft crime rates are also sky scraping.

Lets Take A Look At It

If we look at the robbery rates, we will find out that the city had a total of 261 robberies per 100000 in 2000 whereas the figures increased to 338 per 100000 in 2005. However, due to strict government controls, the figures have now decreased to 233 per 100000 but they are still pretty high. Same is the case with burglary crimes: the rate was 1051 per 100000 in 2000. However, thankfully, now it has dropped to 807 per 100000.

City of Chula Vista, CA.

Furthermore, the city is also very famous for its high auto vehicle theft rates. Back in 2000, the auto theft rate was 1563 per 100000 and, now, the chances of your car stolen in Chula Vista are 1 in 277, which is quite high as compared to the other cities of the same size and population. On the basis of these rates, it can be said that it is very risky to be out on the roads of Chula Vista, especially at night times. Yet, if you are driving late due to any emergency call or any urgent piece of work and your car has stopped working call the towing services as soon as possible. These towing service providers will come to your rescue with no delay and will fix your car asap. Their services are not only speedy and efficient but their charges are also quite low. So, do not panic if your car breaks down, just call these Chula Vista towing services and relax.

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